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I can’t even believe that I am going to say this… at 49 years old, I am finally in the body of my dreams!

There is absolutely no reason to feel starved, deprived or like you are eating cardboard in order to optimize your body composition.

I have been following the nutrition plan I prescribe in PERIWINK for the past 7 months. When I started this plan I my intention was to self care with food, not weight loss.

Apparently I had some fat to lose, because I have lost over 12 lbs in the past 7 months on this plan. It happened very gradually. I am please to announced that I have retained my muscle mass, which is of utmost importance.

As many of you know – I AM NOT A WEIGHT LOSS COACH. I help women take up space rather than getting small. I refuse to contribute to a culture that capitalizes on self loathing.

That being said, if you are carrying around excess fat it will come off with Periwink once you address what’s going on for you that is more than skin deep- because it’s more than the food.

I don’t believe in these ideas for middle age women:
?? Dieting.
??Intermittent fasting – just another form of starvation – wreaks havoc on moods.
?? Keto – cutting out an entire macro is not sustainable.
?? Low Fat – we need good fat for optimal hormone production and beauty.
?? Magic pills, supplements etc. – there are no quick fixes that work.
?? Weighing and measuring food – this just leads to disordered eating.

I do believe in:
??Whole, home cooked food.
??Low inflammation living.
??Optimizing our health with food choices.
??Using food as self care and medicine.
??Eating all of the food groups.
??Finding a new relationship with food that is sustainable.

If you want to eat like this, feel and look your best – click the link in my bio to apply to Periwink and have a complimentary deep-dive consult with me.

Marinated and grilled flank steak (recipe below)
Pesto spaghetti squash
Stir Fried Kale and Wild Rice

Flank Steak Marinate: (eye ball it)
Olive oil, Honey, Soy Sauce, Celtic Sea Salt, Lemon, Pepper

How’s eating going for you- tell me in the comments.


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